Iain Murray

Cortland Consult

Iain Murray

Senior Director BTR Consultancy (Europe)

Cortland Consult is a best-in-class Build to Rent Consultancy across Europe. We re-branded from LIV Consult in March 2022 to align with our parent company Cortland who acquired the business in 2019 together with LIV Group (now rebranded as Cortland Property Management). Cortland is a leading US multifamily owner operator with over 75,000 homes in the US and is currently building and acquiring a portfolio of 10,000 units in the UK.

We continue to provide white collar independent BTR advice to a wide range of international clients currently in the UK, Ireland and Spain. Our services are designed to deliver exceptional rental communities design and operated at their optimum level.

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"We're very excited to announce that Recharge 2024 will be taking place in Belfast. A vibrant and innovative city which has seen enormous change and regeneration in recent years, Belfast is now a focus for investment and development across the living and hospitality sectors, as well as a cultural and artistic powerhouse - a perfect blend for the Recharge ethos."

George Sell, Editor-in-chief, IHM

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