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Delegates and companies attending RECHARGE

1. RECHARGE reserves the right to refuse entry to any person seeking to attend the seminar.
2. RECHARGE may take payment from people who it is then deemed are not suitable or do not qualify for attendance of the event. In such instances the full money of the applying delegate will be refunded inside 30 days.
3. Any delegate demonstrating loud, rowdy or disruptive behaviour at any time during proceedings on 22 and 23 January 2024 may be asked to leave the seminar and the hotel. In this event no refunds of the seminar fees will be given.
4. Except in the case of a non-qualifying delegate (as detailed in clause 2 above) once a qualifying delegate has registered to attend no refunds or retrospective discounts whatsoever will be given. However, if a delegate has booked and then chooses not to attend, the place can be reallocated to another person without any administration fee.
5. International Hospitality Media Ltd is the organiser of the event. They are not responsible for the individual comments, remarks or presentations made by the speakers or any other public comments made by delegates attending the event. International Hospitality Media Ltd hereby indemnifies themselves from any liability for any of the content (including inaccuracies) of the speeches and presentations made.
6. RECHARGE has made every effort to ensure the information provided about the speakers addressing the event is accurate. In the event that any one of the speakers cannot honour their commitment to speak and attend the event, no refunds will be given. However, International Hospitality Media Ltd will use their best endeavours to find suitable replacements.
7. Delegates taking accommodation at the conference venue will be allocated a room by the hotel. Any complaints about the room or the associated service should be directed to the hotel manager.
8. RECHARGE will make every attempt to ensure the agenda progresses to time and the subjects promoted get fully covered.

9. In the event that the premises where the Serviced Apartment Summit RECHARGE is to be held shall, in the sole determination of the organiser, become unfit or unavailable for occupancy, or shall be substantially interfered with, by reason of fire, flood, tempest or any other such cause or as a result of government intervention, malicious damage, acts of war, strike, lock-out, labour dispute, riot or any other cause of agency over which the organiser has no control or should the organiser decide that owing to any such cause or agency it is necessary or advisable to cancel, postpone or re-site the conference and exhibition or reduce the planned period for preparation, display or dismantling the organiser shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse the delegate or exhibitor in respect or any damage or loss direct or indirect arising as a result thereof. In the event that the organiser decided to re site RECHARGE to another venue for reasons other than already stated herein before, the delegates and exhibitors unwilling to be re sited at the new venue may cancel their application and receive a full refund provided that the organiser shall not be liable for any consequential loss however so arising.

10. Conference hosts suggest that delegates purchase travel insurance to cover prepaid, nonrefundable travel expenses, such as airfare and conference registration fees in the event of flight delays caused by severe weather; illness or family emergencies; and other unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from attending.


"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for organising Recharge. We were all agreed that it was probably the best real estate and networking event that we have been to, and it was great to hear so many positive plans for Belfast."

Aubrey Calderwood, managing director, Gateley Capitus

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