22-23 JANUARY 2024 Room2, Belfast


Belfast, Northern Ireland #IHMRecharge
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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Room2 Belfast 



RECHARGE welcomes hospitality leaders with purpose Belfast International Hospitality Media info@internationalhospitality.media

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Room2 Belfast 



RECHARGE welcomes hospitality leaders with purpose

General Info

They say you are who you surround yourself with.

Curated with an intense focus on community, collaboration and debate, RECHARGE welcomes urban innovators at the cutting edge of contemporary hospitality, real estate and living.

RECHARGE is for forward thinking hospitality and real estate leaders with purpose. A unique event that encourages a new way of thinking: if you're happy to challenge the status quo positively and are prepared to look at doing business' differently - it's for you!

RECHARGE promises an intense focus on collaboration and debate, bursting with innovation and 'personality.'

We provide the right network, format and space to elevate your ideas.
We connect the right people to build relationships that truly matter
We empower everybody to make an impact and create the world of tomorrow.
That’s right. Where collaboration inspires innovation

An 'inclusive collective', with only 100 places available.

Forget walking an exhibit hall or sitting through hours of boardroom presentations

Most sessions will be 'short and punchy,' curated in debate, workshop and problem solving formats to help stimulate collective conversation, collaboration, innovation and value creation to help drive your business and the sector forward.

Intimate and personable, Peer-led learning, Unforgettable networking, Collaborative Approach

Why Belfast?

Belfast is going to be the perfect spot for Recharge 2024. The capital city of Northern Ireland abounds with great food, top-tier attractions and welcoming locals with cheeky charm and fierce wit. Not to mention the ubiquitous craic, which the city runs on as an abundant natural resource.

Also, Irish hospitality is famous around the world. Belfast’s inhabitants are friendly, informative, and, most importantly, great craic. No matter when you go or where you go, you’re likely to make a few friends whether you mean to or not.

Besides the great people, food and amazing culture, Belfast also offers great opportunities for hospitality and real estate! 

Can’t get enough of RECHARGE? Us neither! Watch highlights from LISBON 2023 👀📺 here for a little re-cap of and all the fun, learning and business which was done!



Features for 2024 include

Belfast City Council has introduced multiple projects to make Belfast a better city for the future. The Healthy Urban Neighbourhoods programme will collaborate with the city’s health sector, businesses, housing providers, community planning partners and universities to maximise the opportunities represented by urban innovation. 

Together with bold ambitions to become home to an additional 66,000 residents and increase the number of homes in the city by 31,600 by 2035, there is a renewed focus on delivering city centre housing. Belfast City Council is also working in collaboration with private and public sector partners to bring residential opportunities to the market to meet this growing demand.

Northern Ireland has risen in popularity in the tourism industry as well, especially due to the number of Serviced Apartments on offer in the city. Back in early 2017, there were news articles on Belfast being the fastest growing UK visitor destination and according to Belfast Telegraph serviced accommodation owners earned more than £16 million collectively in 2019. Belfast was also voted best events destination in the world and, the city is also in the Top 20 list of sustainable destinations in the world. Too many opportunities  in this city!

Recharge 2024 will be hosted by room2 hometels bringing you the best of hotels and Airbnb. Opening in spring 2023, this property will boast 175 studio apartments, four innovative event spaces’ restaurant and bar, coffee roaster and retail space in the lobby, this city centre venue will be the perfect host venue. The property will lead by their first net zero approach, using localised design to renewable energy sources. Room2 hometels are committed to only building whole life net zero hometels moving forward, as part of their commitment to protect the planet. 

We believe that this city provides the perfect backdrop for making new connections and doing business. In a city full of culture and innovation, RECHARGERS will leave as true friends!

Forget walking an exhibit hall packed with 100's of standholders, or sitting through hours of boardroom presentations. 

Hosted by the International Hospitality Media team, most sessions will be short and punchy, many curated in debate, workshop and problem solving formats to help stimulate collective conversation, innovation and value curation to help drive your business forward.

See you there!



Who Should Attend

Our 2024 event brings a mix of business, creative CEOs and leaders who are fanatically focused on the big-picture issues that are defining the future of hospitality and real estate in Europe. Attendees meet like-minded, driven, creative individuals and push yourself, your business and your ideas to the next level.

Please note: this is a gathering of industry leaders, and there is no option to exhibit at this event. Attendance fee included entrance to all sessions, all off-site tours /activities and all food and beverage offered. Dress code: smart casual - no suits are required. 



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