Ryandeep Bains


Ryandeep Bains

Business Development Manager, Industry Partners

Ryan leads STR’s Business Development work https://str.com in the UK & Ireland and is focused on scaling the product across STR’s global supply and pipeline databases.He began his career working in Source-to-Pay analysis and recovery auditing where he gained experience working with some of the largest retailers in the world such as Walmart, John Lewis & Amazon. He then moved to the hospitality industry at STR at the beginning of 2022.



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"IHMRecharge in Lisbon has probably been one of my most favourite conferences/ events. I’ve had so many interesting conversations about Living and Lodging, Space as a Service and how the verticals that combine hospitality and property are coming together.🇵🇹"

Jessica Gillingham, Founder & CEO, Abode Worldwide

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